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  • Tourism : Once upon a time in France....2 Revolutions !
    Since 1783, date of the first human flight, it's from France that the world got his wings! Planete Balloon, purveyour of Legend, intervenes worldwide, at the request of Government or Investors for any project concerning Hot air balloon - Tethered balloon - Tourism Consultant - we provide you the best advices and pilots - anywhere. For you
    How Planete Balloon participe to promote Worldwide Tourism by Ballooning and Tethered Balloon. The first network of Balloon Pilots prove again his implication to promote - every where - Ballooning - by providing his skills -experiences - and network of Professional Pilots. Here, our Adventure in Kurdistan continue more than one year after
  • Tourism : Discover Panama and Central America with Kevelair America
    Discover Panama and Central America Kevelair America opens its website to promote its products and thus offer new ied trips and tours in Latin America. The office was opened in late September and early tours and stays in Panama are now online on the website of the company based on Panama city. Initially focused on local supply, Kevelair Ameri
  • Tourism : ISAN BALLOONING - for promote Tourism in Isan ?
    The Land of Smile is become the back stage of Planete Balloon for intervene worldwide for promoting Ballooning and Tourism projects. We remain at the disposal of Thais's Investors for provide our skills and experience for launch ballooning activity and promote tourism in Isan and Asean ! Contact us for more information - See you soon ? JC - ht
  • Tourism : Wildlife Conservation Program Bali
    When you were a child, you might have asked your parents for a pet turtle or a bird who can speak. They might not have agreed, but Adventure Road Trips has good news for you! Care for them and spread awareness about them as you join our Wildlife Conservation Program Bali. Most animals are sadly becoming endangered. Tens of thousands of them b
  • Tourism : Volunteer Travel Programs For College Students
    Doing something worthwhile on your vacation is the way to go! Volunteer to some meaningful project or better yet, travel and do something purposeful. Go to a different country and do your bit. Volunteering on your vacation is something that will be both heart-warming, as well as give back. Join us in Adventure Road Trips’ as we get you exposed o
  • Tourism : Planete Balloon in Kurdistan
    Planete balloon, a French company specializing in Hot Air Ballooning Tourism has recently launched its operations in Kurdistan. Well established in Countries like Morocco, Algeria and Thailand they are all set to provide their world class service and this thrilling experience in various parts of the country. Apart from tourism, training and adver
  • Tourism : Volunteer Care Projects Sri Lanka
    Caring is when you are concerned, interested and give importance; are we not all supposed to care for each other, being brothers and sisters? Care comes in different forms, but overall, it is born out of love for others. Be with us as we do Volunteer Care Projects Sri Lanka. Let us care and share our love to our brethren. When you talk, and nobo
  • Tourism : Tips for finding best volunteer teaching in Bali
    Are you planning a trip to the beautiful island, Bali? Are you dreaming of a tour that includes discovering Bali’s natural reserves, meeting her people and getting a taste of her culture as well? Well, then there’s nothing better for you than volunteer tourism! Volunteer tourism allows you to combine your fantastic holiday experience with volu
  • Tourism : Major wildlife conservation projects in India
    India is a rich country with wildlife, water resources, greenery and agriculture. It has a versatile wildlife in it which entertains the people with its difference in the wildlife. Many things in India have been neglected for many years. As far as wildlife is concerned, though there is no satisfactory measure is taken to make the wildlife feel cont
  • Tourism : Adventurous wildlife conservation programs in Bali
    Bali is rich in wildlife and the adventurous wildlife conservation program in Bali gives the best efforts to bring safety and security to the wildlife. There are many parks that retain the security of the wildlife. As wildlife is being destroyed, there is a great need of the conservation of all the species. Different kinds of birds, animals and man
  • Tourism : Volunteer teaching in India –A beacon for social change
    India – the exotic land of spirituality, festivals, yoga and breath-taking landscapes — has given a reservoir of knowledge to the world. Its people, places, music, dances, literature and food has inspired people from different lands. Yet, today’s India is a conflicting reality of opposites. Despite its fast-growing economy, millions a
  • Tourism : PLANETE BALLOON & KURDISTAN, a balloon for a Freeland?
    PLANÈTE BALLOON a été solliciter pour un projet touristique au Kurdistan - Iraq - A la demande d'un important groupe financier - nous nous sommes rendus sur place pour étudier les conditions d'implantation d'une activité montgolfière complétée par un ballon captif. Notre séjour au Kurdistan a permis a Planète Balloon de soumettre u
  • Tourism : Double-decker bus in Paris "The Red Buses"
    A Double-decker Bus It is a bus that has two storeys or decks. Red double-decker buses are used for mass transit in London. Double-decker buses are also used in other cities in Europe, Asia, and former British colonies and protectorates such as Hong Kong and Singapore. This kind of bus is very popular in certain European big cities as Be
  • Tourism : PLANETE BALLOON launches a new concept of Golf Course
    Discover a new concept for promote Golfs and make the event....FLY OVER THE GREEN Offer to your Guests an Amazing view and to your Sponsors a spectacular tool of communication. Contact Planete Balloon for more information. Best Regards [caption id="attachment_82" align="alignleft" width="150" capti
    We talk about Planete Balloon's Actions !
  • Tourism : PLANETE BALLOON, exporte le Made in France !
    PLANETE BALLOON®, Launches a New Concept of Amusement Park in Thailand! Planete Balloon, representing in Asia the worldwide leader of captive balloons, recently achieved its installation of a unique aerostatic balloon and park in Hua Hin for its first client in Thailand. Launched in March 2013, the stationary balloon will let visitors soar 100 m
    Planete Balloon, from France to the 5 Continents ! An exemplary embodiment of project Planete Balloon! design at the opening of the park the project will have require 5 months, a lot of work but the satisfaction of work accomplished for our partner ! PLANETE BALLOON CONSULTANT & WORKER Contact us for your next project ! JC BRASSART
  • Tourism : Ignorer la bruine en admirant le pique-nique dans la Cascade de Ta Ngao
    Les gens disent venir à la ville du haut plateau de de Bao Loc au printemps , c’est déprimant de la bruine constante et du temps froid tout ça rend les gens tristes Cependant, je pense que c'est une excuse facile à faire un pique-nique et week-end dernier nous sommes allés pour un pique-nique romantique à la cascade de Ta Ngao
    The foreign invasion THEY’RE NOT A FLOOD, BUT NOT QUITE A TRICKLE EITHER. WESTERNERS ARE FLOCKING TO INDIA FOR JOBS AND TO SET UP BUSINESSES. MANJULA SEN AND KAVITHA SHANMUGAMMEET SOME OF THEM Halime Tastan doesn’t have the time to feel homesick. The diversified consultant on all things Turkish has her hands
  • Tourism : Paris : capitale mondiale du club sandwich le plus cher
    Les hôtels de Paris offrent les club sandwiches les plus chers parmi 26 destinations internationales, devant Genève et Tokyo. Proposés dans les établissements du monde entier, les club sandwiches sont un indicateur des tarifs pratiqués dans les destinations touristiques. a analysé les prix dans 750 établissements d
  • Tourism : Kech TV | Première chaine locale touristique et people du Maroc
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  • Tourism : Claude Challe
    Claude Challe Kech qui dit ? De l’atelier de Tunis aux plus belles jet – set en passant par le salon de coiffure du Boulevard de Clichy party de vie et le récit émouvant et drôle des multiples vie de Claude Chalom , devenue Claude Challe . Délirant comme ses tenues, vibrant comme sa musique, intense comme ses amours, voici un texte
  • Tourism : Gift Idea : The French Souvenir
    Souvenirs of France is "the" French Travel Gifts online shop, with the smartest souvenirs and travel gifts from France. Are you looking for a unique French gift, such as a French birthday gift, a distinguished French gift, a French wedding gift, an Eiffel Tower replica, a Tour de France souvenir, a Monaco Grand Prix item, a travel
  • Tourism : Souvenirs-de-france ouvre l'agence de relations presse Communiqués de Presse de Souvenirs de France
    Ouverture de Communiqués de Presse de Souvenirs de France Souvenirs-de-france annonce l'ouverture de l'agence de relations presse Communiqués de Presse de Souvenirs de France. Souvenirs-de-france commente cette ouverture : Cette ouverture d'agence de relations presse sur Internet est une opportunité tout particulièrement appréciée. En ef